Rockland city councilors had a full plate in front of them on Wednesday evening and, after lengthy discussion about expanding Safe Harbor Marinas, made quick action on a long list of items.

The Council voted on October 13th to postpone final action on a proposed containment zone regulation. The ordinance was provisionally approved on September 13th. The postponement would give city officials more time to see if any changes are needed.

The proposed regulation would cover any new construction or major renovation of six or more units. Twenty percent of the units would have to be affordable for workers’ housing. Builders could pay the city a fee of $ 150,000 per unit instead of providing affordable housing units.

Hotel developers would have to provide affordable housing for every 10 rooms they want to build. Hotel developers could pay $ 5,000 per unit they build instead of creating an affordable housing unit.

The subject will be submitted to the Council again on November 8th.

In other measures, the Council has:

* Approval of an accommodation license for Main Str. 410/412. In the past four years, the city has approved the use of a residential unit in the inner city building for accommodation. The property was sold and the new owner wanted to continue using a unit under the Accommodation License Act. City councils debated long whether they were up to Code standards before voting 3-2 (Mayor Ed Glaser and councilors Louise MacLellan-Ruf and Nate Davis in support) for the housing license.

* The council has postponed measures regarding a trade wind shelter license. The Code Office reports that work needs to be done on the sprinkler system and nine rooms on the ground floor need to be checked again for electrical work. The current license expires on October 15, but the owner is given an additional 30 days to complete the work.

* $ 50,000 approved spending on grant writing services.

* Approved a $ 180 fee waiver for Carrie Post in her appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals over a fence built by her neighbors.

* Approved write-off of debt of $ 95,385 that the auditor has determined to be bad. Most of the money was in loans that the city has made over the past 20 years to companies that have closed or gone bankrupt. Depreciation includes $ 24,368 for economy clothing, $ 22,611 for Tyler’s Maple, $ 17,010 for Cafe Miranda, $ 12,374 for Toast of the Town, and $ 2,998 for Maine Squeeze.

* Have Mac Attack and Amato’s agreed to leave their food trucks in Buoy Park until November 30th at no additional charge. The leases were due to end on October 15th.


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