J&K Govt installs call center for public complaint lodging: what about complaints that have been pending for years?

Rajesh Gupta

Jammu, October 9; Undoubtedly the government is always using new procedures to help the public, but never bothering to be tough on bosses who do not follow these instructions

However, the first Governors Grievance cell was set up & two complaints were filed in the so-called cell Vide-Nr. 999001100747 & 999001100782 dated March 14, 2019, which ultimately challenged the harassment of thousands of innocent people by top finance chiefs.

Government was overthrown, Governors Rule was imposed, State was changed to UT, Lt Governor took over JKUT thereafter, new LG joined, but said complaints were from Div com / DC Jammu ‘offices about a serious public issue, however showed that it was finally eliminated, the so-called complaint cell was mocked and pointed out to the top boss of the so-called complaint cell, since no one saw the final elimination of the said complaint in relation to disposal and was closed?

Undoubtedly, it is a very serious subject of the high-level investigation how the bosses of JKUT are fooling the system and the innocent by definitively eliminating complaints, but with no definitive outcome on the matter.

In addition, some public affairs complaints that are referred to even some top bosses by LG / Adviser (B) followed by Adviser’s Office (S) on a major public issue related to revenue are being passed on by some top IAS officials For more than 6 to 9 months & even more, such bosses have questioned & speak of system failure on site, otherwise.

However, the JKUT government has now set up call centers again for public filing of complaints. Details at CTN are as follows: