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  • November 29, 2020

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ZAGREB, November 29th (Hina) – The annual meeting of the market research and marketing group of the European Travel Commission (ETC) will take place in April next year in Croatia, the Croatian Tourism Association (HTZ) announced in a statement earlier this week after the 100th ETC General Assembly.

HTZ Director Kristjan Stancic took part in the online meeting in his capacity as ETC Vice President.

The HTZ emphasized the importance of the ETC meeting next year in Croatia for the promotion of the national tourism industry and for strengthening the cooperation with European colleagues.

“We expect the April meeting to be attended by around a hundred marketing and market research experts, as well as the heads of the national travel organizations of the ETC member states,” said Stanicic, adding that this is a great recognition for Croatia.

He said the general meeting will focus on the post-pandemic tourism industry recovery, the importance of implementing health and hygiene protocols, and promoting tourism and tourism products through joint promotional campaigns.

“In the coming period, the ETC will promote sustainability, climate-neutral travel and travel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also stressed the importance of creating a common European travel log to make travel easier and to include tourism in national recovery plans, ”Stanicic said.

The ETC has four overseas offices – in China, Canada, the US and Brazil – and plans to open two more in Japan and Australia.

Franka Gulin, the director of the HTZ office in China, has been appointed vice president of the ETC office in China. She emphasized the importance of China for the European tourism industry.

“The ETC has big plans in the Chinese market for the coming years, particularly in connection with promoting Europe as a travel destination. I am very happy that, as part of the management of the ETC Office in China, I will have the opportunity to further represent our country’s interests in the large Chinese market that will be strongest in the post-pandemic period, ”Gulin said .

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