The Harmony Hotel in Costa Rica saw a 43% increase in efficiency and a 62% increase in guest satisfaction after six months of using the product. Harmony was also able to gain valuable insights into the interests of their guests, e.g. B. Which on-and-off activities were most attractive. December 2, 2021

NexGen Guest shares the success of its mobile guest tool with low touch high functionality for hotels, which has been in use since November 2018. This product gives hotels 98% connectivity with guests, enabling virtual check-in, check-out, F&B ordering, payment and contactless communication from anywhere on or next to the hotel premises. All transactions are handled through a mobile website as this is the preferred method of contact for guests and even more so during Covid 19 as communication is completely contactless.

For example, The Harmony Hotel, located in Costa Rica, saw its efficiency increase by 43% and guests by 62% after six months of using the product. Harmony was also able to gain valuable insights into the interests of their guests, e.g. B. which activities on and next to the property were most attractive.

NexGen Guest Founder and CEO Steve Danelian stated, “I’m excited to offer a proven mobile travel technology product that will help hotels be more efficient and soothe guests in this complicated time of Covid 19 The contactless method of choice is contact in order to keep us all as safe and healthy as possible while traveling. “

NexGen can be integrated into hotel operating systems such as Opera, Protel, Maestro and others, as well as into keyless apps that are already in use. Guests can text or console requests from anywhere on the property, for activities that are nearby off-property, track activity and popularity, and create a comprehensive guest profile while adhering to the strictest privacy standards and security through CCPA compliance. In addition, all hotel guides are ADA-compliant.

As there are plenty of fraudulent opportunists in these stressful times, NexGen Guest uses PCI DSS credit card security and fraud protection for all transactions, the global security standard for all companies that store, process or transmit cardholder data and / or sensitive authentication data. This ensures that suspicious transactions are flagged before they can be completed, as well as encryption in transit and at rest.

A selection of hotels that currently use the product. Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, California; The Flemings in Hong Kong; The Harmony Hotel in Costa Rica; the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, California; Vik Retreat Chile; and Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.

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