In a world where from one day to the next everything seems uncertain about what will happen, it may seem a little counterproductive. And the constant challenges of dealing with pandemic travel are certainly not a cause for sneezing, but if there is ultimately an opportunity to change the way things are done because something significant has happened to the industry, this is one good opportunity for this industry to think about it and see what could be done differently in the future. And one of the things that everyone is really interested in too is, can we take this opportunity to do things better than us?

  1. Kurt Knackstedt, CEO and co-founder of troovo based in Sydney, Australia, hosted a CAPA Corporate Travel Community Masterclass with panelists from Hong Kong and Great Britain.
  2. Is there a way through all of these crazy things going on in the industry these days trying to make business travel and the business travel program easier?
  3. The pandemic has actually given us an opportunity to rethink what could be easier and simpler in the future.

The event opened with Kurt Knackstdet, who greeted everyone and introduced the other co-discussion participants. Florence Robert from Ericsson came from Hong Kong and took the buyer’s view of the conversation today. Also on the podium from Hong Kong were Dionne Yuen from Egencia and Paul Dear from SAP Concur from Great Britain.

The conversation presented by the CAPA – Center for Aviation was about managing the travel program, but more specifically, to see if there was any way through all of these crazy things going on in the industry these days, trying to get the chance to do it You to simplify business travel and simplify the business travel program.

Read on – or sit back and listen – the lively conversation.